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Summer is all about bikinis, pool parties, and great tans, but if you have a fresh piercing, you might be unsure of whether you can still get your tan on? If you’re into tanning beds, you’ll be able to tan, as long as you keep some important tips in mind.

How to Tan After Getting Pierced

Body piercings require special care for them to heal properly. Exposing them to direct sunlight or UV rays is not the best thing to do when they’re fresh, as it can cause burning, over-drying of the skin around the piercing and scarring. But don’t worry. You will be able to tan in a tanning bed again, you just need some patience and a few tips to consider:

Check on Your Piercings Before Tanning

Doing a quick inspection of your piercing before getting into a tanning bed is ideal. Check for redness, soreness, or bumps, which could be signs of infection. If you were to find anything like this, it’s best to not hop into a tanning bed until you treat the affected area and it’s healed.

Clean the Area

The skin around your piercing should be very clean before tanning. Use some water and antibacterial soap, and stay away from any cleaner that is alcohol-based. Dry thoroughly.

Put on Jewelry Before Applying Lotion

To keep your skin safe, tanning lotion is always a must-have, whether you have piercings or not. Although removing the jewelry when cleaning the pierced area is not the rule, if you do, you’ll have to put it back on before you put on lotion. If any lotion gets stuck in the piercing, it can lead to inflammation, irritation, or infection.

How to Tan After Getting PiercedEnjoy Your Tanning Session

Tan as you normally would and take into account the basic sunbed tanning tips. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. If you tan excessively, you run the risk of over-drying your skin and causing problems in your pierced areas.

Apply Moisturizer

After your tanning session, make sure you apply moisturizer, to keep your skin from getting dry, especially around your pierced area. Antibacterial moisturizers or after-tanning lotions are good options.

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