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A wonderfully tanned body reveals a mans masculinity, inner braveness, and cuteness. It helps a man to build his confidence and makes one look like a bronzed god, even without exposing your skin cells to sunlight and its harmful UV rays. Just like the ladies, a man’s body also needs a little bit of TLC. A few products can even make a man look more natural and strong. These tanning lotions are the best body modifiers; they are uniquely customized to improve the texture and color of the body. The tanning process is pretty simple; the product contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which reacts with the amino acids at the top layer of your skin to adjust and tint your skin tone.

The benefit of using the Australian Gold Rugged

How Long Should I Wait to Tan After Getting a Tattoo?The Australian Gold Rugged product made by G Gentlemen was prepared with an upgraded formula that offers enhanced skincare and tanning technology specifically designed for men. The product exudes a strong masculine fragrance that can throw anyone aflutter. Even better, they come with bronzers, sunscreen, and accelerators. Tanning for men using Australian Gold Rugged forms a coating at the top layer of the skin that prevents skin damage and can work on all types of skin tones.

Tanning for men doesn’t only give you a bronzed look, it also provides additional health benefits.  Usually, a tattoo can easily fade when it’s regularly exposed to the sun’s UV rays. However, Australian Gold Rugged contains ingredients that can protect the ink on your skin and prevent them from fading. This product also locks up moisture within the thick male skin. And it doesn’t pose any skin threat to the body. 

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