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With the winter months fast approaching, many of you might be wondering how you can tan for the upcoming holiday season. You want that gorgeous winter glow, but how can you achieve it? With the days being darker and colder during winter, it can be difficult to get a tan. That’s where sunless tanning options are the perfect solution.

Preparing for In-Person Festivities

This Christmas, Give the Gift of Color

Follow these tips to make sure your tan looks flawless at your festive parties.

Due to the pandemic, last year‘s Christmas was predominantly spent having lots of online zoom parties. However, this year’s festive period is hopefully going to be in person. And that means everybody should make the most of this by enjoying the holidays as much as possible!

In order to be best prepared with tanning for the holiday party season, it’s a good idea to start practicing as soon as possible. When the weather starts getting colder and the rain starts pouring, try applying your tanning lotion and seeing what works best.

The cold weather of winter can affect the way your tanning lotion works and how long it lasts. By playing around with different amounts of tanning solutions and different application techniques, you can find what works best for you. It might take a few goes, but practice makes perfect!

Top Tips for a Flawless Festive Tan

You want your tan to look perfect by the time your Christmas parties begin. Here are some quick top tips to follow to ensure your tan looks flawless at every festive event:

  • Exfoliate prior to applying the tan
  • Moisturize your skin beforehand to prevent dry patches
  • Use a tanning mitt to apply the lotion
  • Use your hands to apply tanning lotion to the backs of your knees and elbows at the end of the application process

To learn more about tanning for the holiday party season, and for all of your sunless tanning solutions, head over to Veranda Sun today.