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No More Pale Legs

Attention, tan lovers! We know you know that when it comes to tanning, there’s one part of the body that seems to resist all of our tanning efforts: the legs. *sigh* Why is it so hard sometimes?

The problem is that the skin on the legs is much thicker than other areas of the body, so you can imagine it is much harder for UV rays —natural or artificial— to get through.

So, what can one do to get beautifully tanned legs around here? Follow these tips and say goodbye to pale legs.

Avoid Tight Pants

Tight pants cut off the oxygen for your legs, and skin needs oxygen to develop the tan.


Exfoliating products can help you get rid of dead cells that may be blocking your skin’s ability to absorb UV rays. Try to exfoliate at least once a week. More than that will remove the top layer that you’ve been working so hard on tanning.

No More Pale Legs

Cut Back on Shaving

Shaving peels off the top layer of your skin. It’s very minimal, which is why you are probably unable to tell, but shaving too frequently can sabotage your leg tanning efforts.

Steer Clear of Long Hot Baths

A long hot bath under other circumstances sounds like a dream, but when you’re trying to give your legs the same dreamy tan as the rest of your body, it can be your enemy. Hot baths tend to remove the top layers of your skin, and this would take you back to where you started.

Moisturize Properly

Keep your skin nice and moisturized. Legs are naturally low in moisture, and dry legs can sabotage your tanning efforts.

Accelerate Your Way to Tanned Legs

Using an accelerator can also help develop your tan more quickly. Use your favorite indoor tanning accelerator for a natural, bronzed look in less time.


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