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Sun-kissed skin appeals to many, if not most, people. Tanning lotions come in different varieties and can help you get the look you seek.

Tanning Lotions 101

Tanning lotions are a product that is very useful but generates a lot of confusion, because of the incredible selection of products that are available in the market. You could go to any tanning salon, supermarket, or drugstore and find a variety of tanning lotions. If you’ve ever actually gone out searching for the perfect one, you probably realized how overwhelming the selection process can be. If you had relevant information at hand about these products, you’d probably be able to choose one fast much faster that helps you get the desired results.

What Are Tanning Lotions?

Tanning lotions are products that are developed to increase the melanin production and accelerate the tanning process. They come in different consistencies such as mousses, sprays, oils, and gels. They normally include ingredients that will help your skin remain hydrated so that your tan lasts longer.

Outdoor tanning lotions started it all. They are what you apply on your skin when you’re out in the sun. They’re not all the same as they can vary by SPF levels, moisturizers, and whether they contain other ingredients like accelerators or bronzers. However, nowadays, many people are being more cautious with their skin. There are many ways to achieve that beautiful golden skin look that doesn’t require you to lay in the sun for hours. Tanning lotions are part of the alternatives.

Indoor Tanning LotionsIndoor Tanning Lotions

These are meant to be used in sunbeds. Their formula is not to be used outdoors, as it blocks artificial UV rays only. Also, the ingredients used are not harmful to the tanning bed, unlike those in outdoor tanning lotions. Some have accelerators that will help you achieve an even color over time, you can properly measure the desired darkness of your skin.

The ideal ones are the kind that can hydrate your skin and soften it while allowing it to get darker. Then we have bronzers which are highly popular because they bring out a really deep, rich color that still looks very natural. You will find instant bronzers that wash away, natural ones that boost your melanin production and the DHA kind, that basically stain your skin with the help of amino acids.

Sunless Tanning Lotions

Last but not least, sunless tanning lotions are all the rage these days. They help you achieve that beautiful tone you’re after without exposure to any heat source. They will develop color on your skin that will eventually fade away. You should know, however, that these cannot be used to protect your skin from sunburn.


Choosing a good tanning lotion is a very important factor in achieving the look you desire. At Veranda Sun, you’ll find a great selection of indoor and sunless tanning lotions that will have you looking like a bronze goddess in no time. If you have any questions about the products we carry or would like more information about our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Veranda Sun is one of Boulders top tanning salons.