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How Tanning Affects Scars

Everyone has scars. They serve as a reminder of an accident or surgery, and most people would like to get rid of them or at least, diminish their appearance. There’s a variety of healing techniques that can help with this, but the one thing that is just going to make it worse is too much sun.

Being exposed to too much sun during the healing process is going to interrupt the actual healing. During this process, scar tissue is very sensitive and the skin requires extra care. The scar will easily turn brown or discolor when exposed to the sun, and the tissue is likely to thicken. This can complicate how the skin is treated in the future.

The best approach when tanning with scars is to protect them from the sun by covering them with clothing or a bandage, and for facial scars, it is best to use sunscreen —SPF 15 minimum.

How Tanning Affects ScarsScars & Tanning Beds

Although many people seem to think that they can decrease the appearance of scars by tanning in a sunbed, the truth is, it might not turn out the way you expect. By being exposed to UV rays, the scars healing process will be affected. Newer scars can get darker and older scars might not even pick up any color at all, resulting in a really white scar, in comparison to the rest of the skin.

The Best Solution

If you’re eager to get a tan, and can’t wait for your skin to heal, go for a spray tan. This way your skin won’t be exposed to the sun. At Veranda Sun, we offer a variety of spray tans meant to make you look and feel incredible. Come visit us in Boulder or call to make an appointment today.