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The beginning of autumn is often considered the “Monday” of the calendar months. We return to longer work days, more responsibility, education demands, and less time outside enjoying the sun and fun!  As the fall weather sets in, going to the beach is no longer an option! Veranda Sun provides so many services to continue to enjoy the autumn days. As the days turn darker, the nights turn colder, and your tan fades, we are here to serve you! With so many different events coming up, we look to offering you options based on each of those events with our different options.

Crisp Bonfire Parties?

Fall is all about layering with the color gray as the featured color of the season. Avoid looking washed out with our Mystic airbrush tan. If you need something quick and do not have time to schedule a custom airbrush, this is another great option. Remember to come exfoliated and free of additional products on your skin! It takes over 12-16 hours for the full color to develop, so if you have a weekend bonfire party, stop by our salon on Friday.

Fall Weddings?Stock Images with paid rights

You can glow without outshining the bride! There is no need to wear long sleeves or deal with long hem lines. Try a burst of color and allow your natural glow to pop, as you make your way out onto the dance floor. You can feel confident as you wear your fall dress for that upcoming wedding by trying out our Custom Airbrush Tanning experience. Our certified technicians can speak with you about the amazing shade options within our line.

Fall Festivals, Pumpkin Patches, Halloween Events?

You may find yourself outside for all these different events. Perhaps you will be outside for a festival, or going to a farm and selecting your fall pumpkin as you sip on apple cider, or perhaps meeting up with friends for a special, spooky event. Feel your best at all of these events with some UV tanning! In as little as seven minutes, you can get a little warmth in one of our lay-downs or stand-ups, and it may be just what you need to give you that fading summer glow. We recommend stopping in the salon 2-3 times a week for the ultimate benefits.

Want to find out more information on our amazing color? Get in contact with us.