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There are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to destination weddings. Most brides worry that not everything will go as planned since they are at a distance. Many of you gorgeous brides out there fly to your destination a week before your wedding, which can relieve your worries about the lifespan of your glow. Although it would leave you with enough days to pick up some natural sun-kissed skin, you may not want to risk your color by sunbathing since it would leave you sunburnt and with strap marks. Once you take into account your schedule leading up to “I do,” you realize you won’t have much time. So, if you’re having a destination wedding and want to have a spray tan, let us share our tips for a flawless tan to take with you, no matter how many days before you tie the knot.

Getting a spray tan before you go

A good spray tan application can last five to seven days and stay visibly rich and natural for the first four or five days. So, if you’re traveling to your warm destination two or three days before the wedding, the spray tan can be kept glowing with a little maintenance. Here’s what to do: book a tanning trial with us a couple of months before your big day. That way, we can find your desired shade. Once you’re at your destination, be careful not to ruin your tan. This means avoiding the pool, suntan oil, and hot water.

Maintaining your glow abroad

Now let’s talk about how to maintain your tan. Unfortunately, as we mentioned previously, this means avoiding the sea and pool. Long periods of exposure to water will only wash the color away. Also, keep your showers cool and pat dry, and refrain from rubbing or exfoliating. Lastly, remember to moisturize twice a day.

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Two other factors to keep in mind is that sun exposure and insect repellent can eat away the tan, so avoid them as well. Remember to pack a concealer in your new shade to cover up any areas that may have faded away. Also, it is easy to touch up with a powder bronzer for any small breaks in the tan.