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Everyone wants golden, glowing skin throughout the year. They want to have an even tan and a healthy tone, which isn’t always possible through natural methods. While you can get a golden hue after spending a few hours in the sun, it isn’t the safest or most comfortable way to tan. Sunbeds are a popular alternative as they can give a natural-looking result. There are two different kinds of sunbeds available today, and you can see read about their differences below. 

Lay Down Sunbeds 

Lay down sunbeds are commonly used at most tanning studios because they allow clients to rest comfortably as they tan. These systems have some pros and cons for you to consider.

  • The Answers to the Most Frequent Sunbed Tanning Questions

    Lay down sunbeds allow clients to rest comfortably as they tan.

    Longer Sessions – Lay down beds require longer sessions. You may need to spend a few minutes longer in every session to get the best results.

  • Less Intense – These beds use low-intensity bulbs, which means the sessions are less taxing for inexperienced tanners. They’re a good choice if you are tanning for the first time or have sensitive skin.
  • Special Light for the Face – Lay down sunbeds have a special light for the face that you can turn on or off based on your preference. Some people don’t like to do their face and would rather choose a darker shade of foundation.
  • Long-Lasting – You get a long-lasting tan after a few sessions and can maintain it easily for several weeks.

If you don’t mind slightly longer sessions and slower tanning, this is a great option. It is often more comfortable than stand-up sunbeds. 

Stand Up Sunbeds 

Many people prefer stand up sunbeds over traditional ones. This option is particularly suitable for busy individuals that want to get back to work quickly. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of these beds:

  • Shorter Sessions – Stand-up systems provide a quicker tan so you can get away with shorter and fewer sessions.
  • Intense Bulbs – These beds have more intense bulbs compared to the laying down version. The intense light leads to a quicker tan, but it can be uncomfortable for people that don’t have any experience.
  • More Color – You can get more color all over the body at the same time, which means your tan looks more natural.
  • Comfortable – The user never comes in contact with stand up sunbeds, and they have more room to move around.

If you want to know more about sunbeds, contact a reliable and reputable tanning studio in your area. They’ll explain these two options in detail so you can make an informed decision.