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There are some significant differences between indoor and outdoor tanning. Indoor tanning takes place with artificial UVA rays in a controlled environment, while outdoor tanning consists of both UVA and UVB natural rays in widely varying conditions. Because of the different environment conditions, different solutions for protection and tanning enhancement should be used.

How Indoor Tanning Lotions Work?

Indoor tanning products

For starters, they help protect and nourish your skin for a better and longer lasting tan. Professional indoor tanning lotions contain specific ingredients that promote tanning and melanin synthesis and they work in protecting the moisture levels in your skin, allowing your pores to open up and magnifying your UV exposure. This way, tanning lotions help replenish the moisture lost during the tanning session and maximize the UV tanning effect, helping to improve your results. You’ll get a darker and quicker tan, and it will last longer too!

Keep in mind that dry skin reflects UV light, so if you are not using an indoor tanning lotion, you can be wasting up to 50% of your tanning session!

Sunless Tanning & Self-Tanners

Airbrush Tanning

Self-tanners and sunless tanning solutions are not harmful to the skin and their main ingredient is DHA, an ingredient derived from sugar approved by the FDA, which reacts with the natural amino acids in the top layer of your skin, producing the best looking sunless bronze tan. The pigment resulting from a spray tan does not provide UV protection.  With most solutions the deepest tan color is reached within about 8 hours, so the color will continue to darken after the initial application. Tanning solutions also typically have a bronzer that provides an immediate tan effect.

At Veranda Sun, the DHA airbrush tanning solution is only applied by professional technicians.


Using sunscreen outdoors

Sunscreen -AKA sunblock, suntan lotion, sunburn cream, sun cream or block out- is a lotion, spray, gel or other topical product made for outdoor use and which absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation, helping to protect against sunburn. Some sunscreens may have a tanning powder to help the skin to darken or tan; however, tanning powder does not provide protection from UV rays.

Depending on the mode of action, sunscreens can be classified into physical sunscreens (that reflect the sunlight) or chemical sunscreens (those that absorb the UV light).

Getting your professional tanning lotion in Boulder

It’s recommended to always choose a professional tanning lotion instead of commercial over-the-counter lotions, as those don’t have the same effectiveness and necessary ingredients to maximize your tanning results and extend its life. Next time you come to Veranda Sun, ask our trained staff about which lotion suits you better, according to your tanning needs!


Designer Skin’s Black Legacy 13.5 oz.

Dark Color Melanink Bronzer Moisture

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Black Legacy tanning lotion