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Getting the perfect tan is easy, and there are many ways to go about it. You can tan naturally, but most experts don’t recommend it because that takes time and can cause skin cancer. Spray booths and tanning lotions are a much better alternative because they are safer, quicker, and more comfortable. They also provide a more even tone, which ensures the results appear natural. 

Why Choose Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Solution for a Spray Tan?

Bondi Sand Spray Tan is a very effective alternative to more traditional methods. If applied correctly, the solution gives a natural result and lasts for a long time. You will only need to reapply it once every 10-15 days. Here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits of spray tans:

  • spray tanningLong-Lasting Tan – Bondi Sand provides a deep, long-lasting tan that doesn’t need frequent reapplication. You can maintain a golden glow for a few weeks with proper maintenance.
  • No Wash Off – Clients can go about their day immediately after a tanning session. There’s no need to wash the solution off, and it won’t stain your clothes. It just sinks into the skin and gives it a lit-from-within glow.
  • Nourishing – The spray tan solution is formulated with skin-friendly ingredients so it won’t cause any adverse reactions. The gentle solution will nourish your skin and ensure it looks well-hydrated.
  • Fresh Scent – Bond Sand spray has a subtle but alluring fresh coconut scent that will linger on your skin for a long time.

The solution delivers the best results when applied by a trained professional. An expert will know how to use the spray properly and ensure there are no discolored spots. 

Products to Maintain a Sun Tan at Home 

You can maintain the golden glow for a long time by taking care of your skin. Experts recommend using exfoliating gloves before a spray tanning session. They will remove dead skin cells and ensure there’s a smooth, soft surface for your spray tan. You can apply tanning lotions, mists, or foams when the spray tan starts to fade. Pick a matching shade for the most natural and consistent results.

A good skincare routine and regular sessions will help you maintain a golden glow for the entire summer season. 

Bondi Sand Spray Tan provides the best results when it is applied by a trained professional. Visit a tanning studio near you to know more about this process and its benefits.