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Getting a tan, nowadays, is no longer just a cosmetic undertaking. Many people believe that a tan does not just make a person look healthy, but actually creates stronger and healthier bones. A person who has tanned skin and regularly uses a tanning bed has been found to have bones that are denser and sturdier than one who does not. A person who lacks exposure to either direct sunlight or ultraviolet radiation can suffer from a lack of vitamin D.


Control your tan

Obtaining a delightful tan can be done in two different ways. A person may either lounge directly in the sun or spend time inside a tanning bed. Not all people, however, will always have direct access to the sun. And there is the winter season; not at all conducive to staying out and soaking in the sunlight. Consequently, people often resort to sun beds. Tanning beds give them a great tan, control over how much exposure they get, and at the same time, help them stay warm amidst the cold season.


Avoid unwanted tan lines

Even when a person lives in a place where there is a hot sun all year round, he may still choose the convenience of a tanning bed instead of spending a day at the beach. One major reason for choosing indoor tanning over outdoor tanning is the privacy it can provide. Even with our permissive society, some people are still uneasy wearing revealing swimwear. If these people wear swimwear at all, the design is conservative. Thus, when tanning in public, they will have undesirable tan lines. To avoid unwanted tan lines, indoor tanning provides both the overall tan and the privacy.


Find valuable minutes of peace

Indoor tanning also provides psychological benefits. Aside from the increased confidence of having a nice tan and knowing that you look good, you can also take the opportunity to have a break from the dizzying everyday hustle and bustle. While having the tanning session, you can stay away from cell phones and pagers. The tanning session can be one blessed, undisturbed twenty minutes of peace and warmth. Such a relaxing break will help reduce whatever stress a person is currently carrying on his shoulders. And after the tanning session, you will be more ready and invigorated to meet the demands of your work and of your social life.

This completely restful session cannot be achieved when one chooses to tan outdoors. There will always be interuptions that get in the way of the tanning experience.


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