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We Can Help You Tan Right

Veranda Sun wants to help you reach the tan your want, with the right tools used in the right way. You can trust that we have the expertise to help you look great. Stop by and discover Your Bronzing Paradise in Boulder, Colorado!


Skin Evaluation

Veranda Sun will evaluate your skin type and your appropriate tanning unit to help you get the best exposure time while tanning but avoiding burns. Our tanning consultants will give you a custom tanning schedule and the appropriate tanning lotions that work with your skin for the best results possible. It is very important  to be open about what kind of prescription medication you’re using. Some meds can affect the way your skin reacts to sun beds.


Different Skin Types

There are different skin types which are based on natural skin tone. The higher the number, the darker the natural skin tone. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will consider your skin type when recommending a tanning session for you.


TGreat Tanninghe Right Amount of Tanning

The difference between outdoor tanning (under the sun), and indoor tanning, is that when you are under the sun there is no way of knowing how much UV rays are hitting you and you can not control their intensity. At Veranda Sun we can help you control the exact amount of UV rays to suite your individual skin needs. A 24-48 hour time period should pass between tanning sessions because tanning, to avoid burns.

Moderation is the key to obtaining that healthy and sexy tan. And with our Hot Deals, you will feel inspired to look your very best. Stop by for a visit or contact us to learn more about other great ways to stay beautiful, like teeth whitening.