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From a Fashion Trend to a Way of Living

Is Indoor Tanning the Same as Tanning Outdoors?It goes back to 1923 when Coco Chanel accidentally got a lot of sun (the first golden tan ever) while sailing aboard a yacht heading Cannes. When she returned from the French Riviera after getting a little too much sun, it was popularized. Then, people started copying the look, and tanning became a new fashion trend and before long, an industry and way of living.

However, by the 1970s, dermatologists began speaking out about the dangers of tanning and urged people to wear sunscreen. That is when sun beds were created as an alternative for individuals who wanted a tan without the damaging effects of the sun.

However, dermatologists were not convinced, and many claimed tanning sunbeds to be worse than the natural sun. Don’t worry! We have wrapped it up to help you understand how tanning works.

How Does Sunlight Interact with Your Skin to Produce a Tan?

The amount of melanin produced by your skin cells determines the pigment of your skin. The quota of melanin your cells produce depends on your race and genetic makeup. It also depends on how much you expose your skin to sunlight.

When ultraviolet (UV) light gets in contact with your skin, your cells start producing more melanin, which makes your skin darker. That excess of melanin acts as a protective layer for your cells by absorbing radiation from the sun.

understand how tanning works

In sum, it is not visible sunlight that damages your skin and causes you to tan; it’s ultraviolet radiation (UV).

Is Indoor Tanning the Same as Tanning Outdoors?

The process of tanning is the same because your skin is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. The main difference relies on the fact that an individual cannot control the amount of ultraviolet light they will get while outside due to changes in the earth’s atmosphere. While in a tanning bed, you are in a controlled environment and your risk of burning is lessened when taking the advice of trained Tanning Consultants.

Is Indoor Tanning the Same as Tanning Outdoors?

It doesn’t matter which way of tanning you prefer; always protect your skin with sun lotions.

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