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If you are getting your first spray tan, you are probably excited, yet also anxious. After all, you want the tan to be just perfect to give you that bronzed look you have wanted for such a long time. There used to be a time when the only way to get a good tan was to sit in the sun for several hours. However, this also exposed you to the risk of sunburn and the effects of the sun’s UV rays. Now you do not have to worry about all of that any longer and can opt only for a spray tanning session whenever you want.

Pointers to Get the Perfect First Spray Tan

Preparing for your first spray tan will help to get the best results. Here are some spray tanning tips that can be useful:

What Happens When You Spray Tan Over Sunburns

A spray tan is a great option to get an even, golden tanned skin.

  • It is necessary that you shave or wax before your appointment, as doing so after the session will cause fading of the tan.
  • Exfoliate your body with a scrub to remove dead skin and dry patches. Do not apply any moisturizer on the day that you are planning to get your tan, as that can result in an uneven or streaky tan.
  • Wear only loose clothing when you are going for your appointment.
  • Discuss your requirements with the tanning salon experts so you have a clear idea about the process following the treatment and the kind of look that you want to achieve.

Other Aspects to Keep In Mind

Once you reach the salon, you can remove the amount of clothing that you are comfortable with. Many people wear bathing suits or undergarments during the timing process.

The technician at the salon will instruct you about which angles are best to get the right tan. They will also inform you about body rotations, arm placement, and other spray tan tips.

After the session, there are certain things to keep in mind to prevent smearing and streaking of the product. Do not cross your legs or rub your skin for a few hours after the session. When you are driving home after your first spray tan, be careful that the seat belt strap does not smear the tan on your chest.  Avoid activities that will induce sweating as that will remove the tan. Do not expose your body to water for some time. For any more spray tan tips, feel free to contact us.