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How to extend your summer glow

You’ve worked hard to get that perfect golden brown look on your skin, so it’s only fair that we help you keep it for as much as you can! First, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Full Body Exfoliation helpful tanning tips

In order to ensure you get a long lasting tan, it is highly recommended that you exfoliate before exposing to the sun or going to the tanning salon. Our outer skin layer is renewed and sheds approximately every two weeks, so by exfoliating the skin before the tan you can make sure your skin cells are back to the start point of their cycle. By removing the dead top layer of skin, UVB rays can penetrate deeper and reach the melanin in your skin, which is the pigment that makes us become tanned.

Keep your skin hydrated

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! We’ve said it before and we’ll keep reminding you, as keeping your skin hydrated will extend the life of your tan. So this means not only applying a good moisturizer on your skin but also drinking plenty of water –before and after-, as this will maintain your skin hydrated from the inside out and besides, it is healthy!


Avoid waxing, shaving or any skin-stripping treatments AFTER you tan

You may want to stay clear of those, since they’ll also remove parts of the outer skin layer and this will cause your tan to fade quicker.

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