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There are several myths out there about sun exposure, tanning, sunburns, their causes them and how to avoid them. Most people that have tried to tan themselves under the scorching sun on a beach will know how easy is to fail getting “healthy suntan.”

Many people that have slathered their bodies with suntan lotion and sunscreen find that they ultimately end up with sunburns, which can be painful and unpleasant to look at as well. If you conduct some research online about what you can do take care of your sunburns, you will find hundreds of different treatment options, some cosmetic, some medical, and others more natural. So, how effective are these various skincare treatments? Let’s dig a little deeper into this topic.

Is Aloe Vera Really The Best?  

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Aloe vera is referred to as the “burn plant.” It does have soothing properties, and many studies have shown that it is effective in healing minor sunburns. It moisturizes the skin, which helps avoid peeling that’s part and parcel of sun damage. Some people apply aloe vera oil while others use gel.

Some take out the gel from the leaves of aloe vera plants and apply that to their skin. As mentioned earlier, this plant has medicinal properties and helps reduce the stinging and itching associated with extremely nasty sunburns. While it’s useful in treating minor sunburns, you may need some specialized treatment for more severe sunburns.

Can You Really Use Sunscreen for Sun Burns?

Using sunscreen can help you protect yourself from the effects of the sun’s rays. A sunscreen helps absorb, reflect and/or scatter UV radiation. While sunscreen with the right SPF level helps in minimizing the damage caused by sunburns, it doesn’t prevent burning entirely. You would still need to stay away from harsh sunlight (from 10 am-4 pm); that’s when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

So if you have a nasty sunburn from a day tanning yourself at a beach, what can you do to treat it? This is where Red light therapy comes in. This therapy is highly effective in healing sunburned skin. It speeds up the healing of burns scars and wounds too.

This specialized therapy requires the skills of a certified and experienced professional. They will assess the level of damage to your skin and formulate a red light therapy treatment plan for you, so you get the best results.