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We have a true passion for Vitamin D @VerandaSun

Vitamin D in UV lightThat’s the name of our Blog, Vitamin D News! And we honor it by bringing you so much info about how Vitamin D is so important to your body.

During the winter in Colorado, it’s harder  for most of us to get enough natural light to have ideal Vitamin D levels and serotonin production for healthy living, and we know that your body needs Vitamin D to stay healthy. So let’s research together some of our  findings! 



Here is a Recap of some of our favorite findings:

Having trouble sleeping? Optimizing Vitamin D can help you have Better Sleep Habits

Do you struggle with the cold during the Winter? Get Your Vitamin D Even When It’s Cold!



Vitamin D Sun

Have you been wondering about Vitamin D and how you get enough?


Vitamin D is also under serious research for Cancer Treatment and Prevention  


HAPPYOverall Vitamin D is incredibly important to your health:


Veranda Sun brings you Tips to Maintaining Healthy Vitamin D Levels