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Glowing, bronzed skin boosts your confidence and makes you feel more attractive.

What Is So Attractive About Bronzed Skin?

There was an online survey some years ago where tanned and untanned photos of 45 individuals were up for discussion about which version was more attractive. The results showed that 27% of those individuals were considered more attractive in their tanned photos. So, a tan certainly increases someone’s perceived attractiveness. But why is that?

What Is So Attractive About Bronzed Skin?

Give your confidence a boost with tanned skin

Although, in some cultures pale skin is considered a sign of social status, many others, especially in the western hemisphere, consider tanned skin a sign of good health and youth. A tan not only gives you a beautiful glow, it makes your skin stand out, your smile look more captivating and gives your confidence a boost, which can also contribute to increasing the attractiveness factor that is perceived by others. Tanned skin also implies you are an active person, as getting a tan normally requires outdoor activities. This is associated with outgoing personalities which also rate high in the attractiveness scale.

Sunless Tanning Is the Way to Go

A beautiful tan requires patience and moderation, as tanning excessively can give the opposite result. We’re all fighting a losing battle in trying to maintain our summer or vacation tan all year long. To keep your healthy glow alive 365 days a year, sunless tanning is your best option. Sunless tanning also allows you take control of your tan as you can customize the level of darkness you want for your skin.

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