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The Holiday Season bring lots of joy and goodies, but also the colder months of the year. We gain some great things like pumpkin spice lattes, beautiful colored leaves, snow, Christmas trees… *sigh* These magical days… but we also lose something we all love and need: sunlight. Don’t panic. The sun still shines, sure, but not as much as it does during the summertime and that means that from October through March, sunlight is insufficient to stimulate our skin to produce Vitamin D.

Why do we need Vitamin D?

There is actually a large number of reasons why we need Vitamin D. It can help regulate the immune system, assists in keeping our bones and teeth healthy, it can help our body fight off diseases, helps alleviate chronic pain… Anyway, there are several other benefits to it that you might recall we talked about in the past. Natural light is the best source of this vitamin, so if you live in an area where there’s sunshine all year round, take advantage of that and hang out in the sun for 20 to 25 mins. That’s helpful.

No sunlight? No problem

Even with limited sunshine during the winter months, there are a few things we can do to ensure we keep those Vitamin D levels up:

Take supplements

Supplementation is a safe way to boost your Vitamin D levels, and it’s not too harsh on your wallet. Talk to your doctor to determine the right dosage for you.

Include Vitamin D-packed foods in your diet

Although this can be a little bit more of a costly source (because we’d have to eat larger amounts of these foods in order to achieve the recommended daily dose), it’s a good, natural way to help up your levels:
-Fresh fish like halibut, salmon, cod, and also shrimp and oysters
-Fortified products like milk, soy milk, and tofu

This season, talk to your doctor and have your levels checked. At least now you know there are couple other things you can do to get those levels up again.

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Come get your Vitamin D for Happier Holidays!