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Vegan spray tanning is a new way to give your skin an organic and natural-looking glow, without any harmful animal ingredients or artificial dyes. It’s just one of the ways that cruelty-free living has become more accepted in mainstream culture. In fact, according to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), using vegan spray tanning solutions can save up to 1,500 animals per year! So what does it mean to be vegan? Veganism is one of many types of vegetarian diet; it excludes meat, fish, eggs, and dairy from an individual’s diet. A vegan lifestyle includes paying attention to the types of products they use and support, such as car care products, or in this case, skincare and beauty routines. Whether you’re vegetarian/vegan or not, if this interests you, then try our full line of great-smelling vegan spray tans, which have been formulated with health in mind.

Caramel Spray Tan

Vegan spray tanning is a new way to give your skin an organic and natural-looking glow.

Caramel Pro is a vegan and cruelty-free spray tan product that will produce a natural-looking tan that is both sunless and healthy for your skin. Using Caramel Pro, you can stay true to your plant-based lifestyle and still get the glow of a sun tan without harming yourself or any animals. Even better? Caramel Pro is made from high-quality ingredients, including DHA free DHA, that are safe for people with sensitive skin. Vegan Spray tans provide just as much color as the standard version, but it’s all based on where you put it on your body. That means there’s no need for awkward arm tan lines or orange streaks across your chest. You can also avoid those over-sprayed patches on clothes with Caramel Pro! What’s not to love about that?

Feel Good on the Outside, and the Inside

The Caramel Pro spray tan is vegan and cruelty free and perfect for anyone who wants a healthy glow. It is made with natural ingredients and organic extracts, with no parabens, PEGs, or other nasties. We don’t test on animals, and we use recyclable packaging. You can feel good about the products you are using and supporting without sacrificing your sun-kissed glow. Get all of the benefits of a non-toxic, healthy product that delivers results just as well as any other high-end brand at a fraction of the cost. Visit our website today to learn more!