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Debunking indoor tanning myths


Even though there’s still a lot of negativity towards indoor sun beds and natural sunlight exposure, the truth is that our bodies were designed to receive sunlight, not to completely hide from it. There is of course, a health risk if we are overexposed to UV light, but as with many other things in life, it comes down to common sense and to practice it with the proper measures. As it turns out, the UV light produced by a tanning bed is just like the one from summer sunlight: about 95% UVA, and 5% UVB.

A professional tanning salon like Veranda Sun in Boulder, has to adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the best indoor tanning experience and results possible. And there are many advantages of going to a professional indoor tanning salon:

Tanning bed benefits

Controlled UV Exposure

With indoor tanning you have complete control over the intensity and duration of a session, which ensures minimal risk of an uneven tan or a sunburn. And at our salon you are always guided and supervised by a trained technician.

Customized Program

Everyone’s skin is different, so we determine your skin type and set your exposure schedule accordingly. Our system is designed to get you the best possible tan while minimizing the risk of sunburn.

Self-Treatment of Cosmetic Skin Conditions

According to a 2010 Smart Tan survey, more than three million consumers frequent tanning salons for self-treatment of psoriasis, eczema, acne, vitiligo, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and to increase vitamin D levels.  Approximately one million indoor tanners said they were referred to tanning facilities by their dermatologist.

Vitamin D

Though tanning salons where created as a cosmetic service, Vitamin D production is one of the benefits associated with exposure to UVB emitted by sunlight and by most commercial indoor sun beds. Scientific research shows that indoor tanners have optimal vitamin D levels, however, according to government data, still 77% of Americans are vitamin D deficient and this can lead to several health problems.

Tanning is our skin’s natural sunscreen

Tanning is your skin’s natural way of protecting itself from sunburn, so it works the same way whether you tan outdoors or in a tanning salon. Tanning occurs in the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin, where about 5% of the cells are special cells called melanocytes. When exposed to UVB light, melanocytes produce pinkish colored melanin that is absorbed by the other skin cells. When exposed to UVA light, the melanin reacts and darkens, and that’s your skin’s natural way of protecting itself from getting sunburn.

UV tanning

Control your tan at Veranda Sun in Boulder and bring up your Vitamin D production

We are Boulder’s only premiere tanning superstore. Our professional tanning technicians will be here to determine your skin type and help you get a good idea of where to start. We have truly the best deals in tanning every month to help you achieve the perfect tan all year round!And if you are very sensitive to the sun or don’t want any UV at all, you can try our latest sunless tanning alternatives.

We have 19 sun beds in total, more than any other salon in the area! So when we say we can provide the best possible bronzing results for you, we mean it, no matter your skin type. Come visit us and discover why we are the best tanning salon in Boulder: our lamps are always new, our staff is always friendly, professional and well informed. Like our Facebook page or add Veranda Sun Google+ to your circles to keep up to date with our specials and Vitamin D News blog.

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