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What is Vitamin D for?

Your body needs Vitamin D to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the body and build  heathy, strong bones. Vitamin D also affects many other tissues in the body, including the kidneys, intestines, and parathyroid glands. Vitamin D acts more like a hormone than a vitamin, in part because the body can make its own vitamin D when the skin gets enough ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight. Which is why we celebrate that Sunlight is Free and is the Most Natural Source of Vitamin D

DVitamin D is added into many of the food we consume at breakfast, like milk and milk substitutes (such as soy milk), cereals and orange juices.  Naturally, Vitamin D is found in:

  • salmon
  • mackerel
  • tuna
  • sardines
  • cod liver oil and other fish liver oils
  • beef liver
  • cheese
  • and in egg yolks contain small amounts

There are several types of Vitamin D in our bodies, being D3 the form that is made in our skin. Vitamin D controls how much of these nutrients we take in with our food are absorbed and added into our bones, but D also has a vital role in nerve, muscle, and immune functions as well as  anti-inflammatory effect and in cell growth and death, which is why Vitamin D Can Reduce Your Risk Of Dying.

What is the importance of Vitamin D in Cancer treatment and prevention? Vitamin D in UV light

Vitamin D has  a Spectacular Role in all of Human Health, and new research also shows that the vitamin can help kill human cancer cells, mostly in the Prevention of Breast Cancer.  Researchers took human breast cancer cells and treated them with a potent form of vitamin D. Within a few days, half the cancer cells shriveled up and died reports Dr. Mercola. And in studies of cancer cells and of tumors in mice, vitamin D has been found to have several activities that might slow or prevent the development of cancer, including promoting cellular differentiation, decreasing cancer cell growth, stimulating cell death (apoptosis), and reducing tumor blood vessel formation (angiogenesis).

The American Cancer Society does warn that these studies are inconclusive and further investigation is still needed. Some studies are taking place with larger samples and targeting more specific kinds of cancer, but results will continue to be released in the following years.


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