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There are a lot of theories on this topic, but the answer to this question is a not a simple one.

Can Vitamin D Deficiency Lead to Depression?

You probably already know about some of the benefits of the sun vitamin, but it’s always good to see the other side. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to various illnesses, and it seems that depression is one of them.

Vitamin D deficiency could cause Seasonal Affective Disorder

Several studies have been performed to confirm this theory, but one particular study conducted on women in 2015 by Oregon State University showed various things. One of them was that the levels of Vitamin D on the subjects varied by season. It was at its lowest during winter and fall, but it increased during spring and summer.

During this study, as the levels of Vitamin D of these women got lower, it was more likely for them to have clinically significant symptoms of depression. In fact, some previous studies suggest that Vitamin D deficiency is an underlying cause for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

If you’re left asking yourself whether Vitamin D actually has a connection to depression or not, the answer to that question is “it’s possible, ” but no one is entirely sure yet, although, the studies that evaluate that relationship continue to grow. Lots of research has been done to prove whether Vitamin D is actually linked to depression or not.

In general, yes, studies tend to suggest that there is, in fact, a link between the two; however, no research has been conclusive. Researchers say that further follow-up studies will need to happen to accurately determine if and how this Vitamin D impacts mood disorders like depression.

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