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Proper tanning can help you
feel healthier and more attractive

Healthy and Happy  in Boulder

A proper tan can not only improve your psychological well-being but also increase confidence and self-esteem. Using a tanning bed has its benefits, for example you are the one in control, which means you can define the amount of exposure for your own safety and for optimum results. Whatever your final choice is, remember to use ask for advising and be patient… a great tan is worth it!

Vitamin D

Tanning to feel more attractive 

Tanning helps you look more radiant and defined. You glow! Seriously, tanning enhances the overall looks of both men and women. In fact, that is why every swimsuit contestant gets a tan before the catwalk. Although, some people abuse the tanning and end up looking rather silly, truth is, when you tan properly and have a balance between body and face, it really makes anyone look more attractive.

Veranda Sun staff know how to help you achieve your perfect tanning results and can give you lots of safety tips as well. 

Same as with your smile, tanning even enhances the white look of your teeth and there is a lot of appeal on a beautiful smile. That is why almost every celebrity, in pretty much every field or industry, take their time to obtain and maintain a radiant tan.Why? Because after all, let’s be honest, looking better makes us feel better about ourselves. And for the rest of us mortals, the good news is that we can all get a radiant tan without having to pay a fortune for it. Veranda Sun makes this possible with our monthly tanning specials.

healthier with Vitamin D

Tanning to feel healthier

Tanning helps your body produce Vitamin D. Which lowers the risk of everyday infections like cold and flu as well as more fatal diseases, high blood pressure, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and depression. Sunlight is the most effective way for the body to manufacture Vitamin D naturally, and when natural sunlight isn’t available, you can get the same from our sun beds.

With UVA radiation, vitamin D is produced, which is an excellent form of calcium that stays in the body’s bloodstream. Although many people still think the only true source of vitamin D is from the sun, keep in mind that many sun beds also emit the UVA rays, thus also providing adequate levels of this important vitamin. The difference is that the light emitted from the equipment (for quality beds) consists of about 40% less UVB rays than what the sun produces. UVB rays are the dangerous rays, the ones that can cause cancer. Being able to tan but not have the high exposure to these powerful forms of radiation is indeed a good thing.

Benefits of Vitamin D

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