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Vitamin D is more a hormone than a common vitamin, in part because the body can make its own vitamin D when the skin gets enough ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight. As we’ve been talking about in recent blogs: our body needs Vitamin D inso many ways!  Vitamin D helps regulate the calcium and phosphorus in our body, so we need it to build  heathy bones. Vitamin D also is needed for healthy kidneys, intestines and parathyroid glands. Vitamin D acts more like a hormone than a vitamin. We continue to celebrate Sunlight as the Most Natural Source of Vitamin D!


Vitamin D: The Fighter

Vitamin D is important for every cell in our body, as by many it is known as nature’s most potent cancer fighters. Receptors that respond to vitamin D have been found in nearly every type of human cell, from your bones to your brain. Our tissue and organs convert the vitamin D in our bloodstream into calcitriol, which is active version of vitamin D. Calcitrol is used it to repair damage, including the ones affected by cancer.

When your Vitamin D levels are ideal, calcitrol enters cancer cells and can trigger a process that causes these bad cells to die: apoptosis. JoEllen Welsh, a researcher with the State University of New York at Albany,conducted a research that injected a potent form of vitamin D into human breast cancer cells, half of them shriveled up and died within days! This was more efficient than the typical chemo drug used to treat breast cancer: Tamoxifen, which is highly toxic. So natural Vitamin D is being researched throughly to prove what many researchers are already pointing towards: Vitamin D is needed in our bodies to help teh body naturally fight cancer and many other aging and health conditions. But Viatmin D is also free: you get it from Sunshine. That’s why it’s known as the sunshine vitamin. While cancer treatments and all the medication needed to treat the side effects cost hundreds of thousands of dollars .

View 800 references showing vitamin D’s effectiveness for cancer here


When ideal levels of sunshine are available, you can get vitamin D levels for free. And even when we live in Colorado, the UVB created by safe sun beds have the has the same positive effect as sunshine in giving your body the needed Vitamin D. Last week we also posted on Vitamin D and Cancer Treatment and Prevention.



Get your Vitamin D in Boulder, even through the Winter


We do know that your body needs Vitamin D to stay healthy and we’re still in winter in Colorado, and this is when it’s harder  for most of us to get enough natural light to have ideal Vitamin D levels and serotonin production for healthy living.

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