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Vitamin D is necessary for our body’s well-being. However, sometimes, we’re not getting the right amount of it, not even during summer.

Avoiding Vitamin D Deficiency During the Summer

Knowing how much Vitamin D is too much or too little can be hard. Although most of us love the sun, the truth is that overexposing ourselves to it poses risks. So, how can Vitamin D deficiency be avoided during the summer?

More Than Just a Vitamin

Vitamin D is more like a hormone than a vitamin. Its benefits are much greater than those of a simple vitamin compound. The most common sources of Vitamin D are food, sun, and supplements.

There are tons of studies showing the importance of Vitamin D. Optimized vitamin D levels have been linked to:

-Improved mood and mental cognition
-Increased immune function
-Reduction of inflammatory responses
-Reduced risk of osteoporosis by helping with assimilation and absorption of calcium
-Reduced rates of most cancers
-Lowered rates of diabetes
-Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
-Decreased risk of anxiety
-Decreased levels of depression and seasonal affective disorder

Source: Clean Program

Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin because it is photochemically produced when the skin – or more specifically, the cholesterol in the skin – comes in contact with sunlight.

Vitamin D Deficiency in the Summer?

Even though summer is when we have the most chance of getting that Vitamin D in, it’s not always true that we reach the right levels. By not spending enough time outdoors in the sun, we are depriving our bodies of Vitamin D. The thing is that to get enough sunlight, we must be exposed directly to it without sunscreen, which could be counter-effective for other aspects of your health.

Almost daily full-body exposure without sunscreen is necessary to achieve optimal levels. Even during the summer, when many of us are frequently wearing swimsuits and sunbathing, we rarely get this type of exposure daily.

Tanning Beds to a estimulate vitamin D productionOptimize Your Vitamin D Levels

If not through sunlight, another common way to provide your body with Vitamin D is through supplements. However, getting the right amount of Vitamin D out of supplements can be a challenge. Come visit us at Veranda Sun to get a controlled UV tanning session to help your body make its own Vitamin D. The UV light produced by a tanning bed is just like the one from summer sunlight: about 95% UVA and 5% UVB. Give your body what it needs and your skin what it wants.