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Having a bright white smile makes a great impression on the people you interact with. Not everyone is born with natural bright and white teeth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect smile you desire.

Today, there are many different teeth whitening products you can use to add brightness to your teeth. While numerous over-the-counter products claim they can give you a perfect smile, not all are as effective as advertised. It’s far better to visit a salon that provides specialized teeth whitening services.

Teeth Whitening For The Perfect Smile

Skilled and qualified professionals can help you get a perfect white smile without any of the mess associated with conventional store-bought products. You can get a white and bright smile within a shorter time and lesser cost than at a dentist’s office. With a whiter smile, you will feel more positive and confident about yourself.

Different Teeth Whitening Methods

Keep that smile white as ever with these tips

It is important keeping a healthy and white beautiful smile.

There are different teeth whitening methods that professionals use, such as:

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide 

This is one of the most standard products used to remove stains from teeth. This active ingredient is effective, but higher levels of it can result in tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Companies that manufacture teeth whitening products use lower concentrations of peroxide to reduce its effects on teeth and gums. It means you need more time to achieve the same results. But when you visit a well-established spa that offers teeth whitening services, you can get those results in just a single visit.

  1. SpaWhite 

Science Worldwide has launched a stabilized version of peroxide, which is very effective in maintaining a neutral pH; it helps reduce sensitivity on the teeth and gums. Since the product still has a higher percentage of peroxide, it speeds-up the teeth whitening process. A single session of SpaWhite removes stains effectively, yet with far less irritation, that is a common issue when standard teeth whitening products are used. You can get more information about this on our blog.

In this process, a specially developed light activates the peroxide, speeding the process, so you get whiter, brighter teeth in 30 minutes. After this session is complete, the professionals will provide you with WhiteICE, a maintenance product that will prevent yellowing.

Feel free to contact us if you desire the perfect smile and want more information on SpaWhite and how it works for teeth whitening.