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If you are planning on going to a tanning salon, you will find there are many different levels of tan beds. The experts at the salon will provide you with the details you need about what these variants are and how they are different. But here is some information that can help you to understand what these different tanning bed levels are.

How Do Tanning Bed Levels Work?

Level 1, as well as Level 2 tan beds, have lower pressure bulbs while the higher level tanning beds have high-pressure bulbs that also bronze your skin faster. All of these tanning beds are skin safe, and most salons offer their customers Level 1 and Level 2 options for infrequent or first-time tanners. The higher levels are offered to those who want a darker & deeper experience.

Tan beds Levels

  • Get the best tan ever.

    Know the differences and how to select the best type of tanning bed for you.

    Level 1 tanning beds– These are basic beds, with longer tanning times (up to 20 minutes), and the sessions come at a lower price tag as well. They are an excellent option for any tanners that want a base tan before they head out on their beach vacation. Even those who wish to maintain their tan opt for Level 1 beds. You can have a relaxing experience lying in the tan bed for a more extended period while getting the bronzed look you want.

  • Level 2 tanning beds– These are similar to the Level 1 beds, but they have specific arm and facial lamps that are good for tanning these odd areas. Level 1 tanning beds don’t offer this option.
  • Level 3 to Level 6– These high-pressure tanning bed can have up to 55 bulbs, and the high pressure gives excellent results. You can get a darker tan in a shorter time frame in 75% less time than Level 1 beds. High-pressure tanning beds have almost zero UVB rays, and you are guaranteed to get a dark tanned skin with practically no chance of a sunburn.

When you contact a tanning salon, one of the first things they will ask you is, “Which level of tan bed do you prefer?” With some basic information on hand, you would be able to make a sound choice and feel confident about it.  The professionals will provide you any additional information that you need about the different tanning bed levels, how they work and which one will be best suited for your needs.