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Can a Base Tan Help Prevent Sunburn?

If you’re a fan of tanning, you might have heard of the base tan. A base tan is basically to slowly work up your tan in the hopes that it will protect your skin from sunburn. That is particularly important closer to the winter since many people decide to spend some of those cold days in a tropical destination —where it’s warm. Who can blame them?

Where does this base-tan idea come from? Well, gradually building a tan stimulates melanin production and melanin is thought to have the ability to protect skin cells from getting too much UV exposure. Additionally, some extra keratin moves up to the surface of the skin, which would make it thicker, thus, more resistant to sun damage.

Can a Base Tan Help Prevent Sunburn?Although the ideas that back this theory might make sense to many —making the base tan somewhat famous among tanning enthusiasts— there is not enough evidence to support that the base tan is, in fact, a means to protect your skin from potential sunburn.

Get a Tan but Protect Your Skin

Just because the base tan won’t protect your skin from the sun, it doesn’t mean you can’t still work on your tan for your tropical holiday vacation. Prepare your skin and take advantage of the best tanning services in Boulder, at Veranda Sun. Whether you choose to get vacation-ready on one of our amazing sunbeds or by picking your favorite sunless tanning option, now is a great time to start developing a tan that will make you feel confident and get you all the looks during your vacation.

Just remember, your tan is meant to make you look and feel fantastic, but it won’t protect you from potential sun damage. As you get ready to celebrate in the tropics, make sure you pack your sunscreen and put it on as frequently as needed to protect your skin, and your great new tan.