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What is your skin type?

Identifying your skin type can help you select the most suitable sun protection for you. These characteristics match your skin type, hair color and eye color where taken from the UVISTAT Sunprotection website.

Knowing your skin type is one of the first steps to right tanning. Whether indoor tanning or out in the sun. At Veranda Sun, in Boulder, CO we can help you discover your skin type when you visit us for the first time. Come and see us!

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Skin Type 1

SKIN: Pale skin, which often burns and rarely tan

HAIR: Blonde, brown or red

EYES: Blue, brown, green, grey



Skin Type 2

SKIN: Fair skin (European), usually burns, sometimes tans

HAIR: Light or dark

EYES: Blue, brown, green, grey or hazel


Skin Type 3

SKIN: Light intermediate or dark skin European.
Rarely burns, usually tans

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Blue, brown, green, grey or hazel



Skin Type 4

SKIN: Mediterranean/olive skin. Rarely burns often tans

HAIR: Dark brown or black

EYES: Black, blue, brown or green


Skin Type 5

SKIN: Naturally brown skin 

HAIR: Dark brown or black

EYES: Black or brown


Skin Type 6

SKIN: Very dark brown or Black skin

HAIR: Black

EYES: Dark brown or black

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