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Help your family and friends have a beautiful, white smile with our Teeth Whitening Technology available in Boulder by Veranda Sun.

A bright smile is a fantastic way to make you look better and younger instantly!

At Veranda Sun, we use White Science products, which are perfect for anyone with stained or discolored teeth as they penetrate the tooth structure erasing stains and rejuvenating the original color of your teeth. WhiteScience also removes stains and restores caps to their original color.

  • No need for uncomfortable lip and cheek retractors
  • No painting a gingival barrier on the gums and painting gel on the teeth many times which is uncomfortable and an unpleasant experience for the customer
  • Little or no sensitivity unlike other systems. This is because a patented foam pad compression system causes the teeth-whitening gel to release at a more uniform rate which acts to eliminate sensitivity
  • Award winning technology endorsed by top clinical magazines for dentists such as Dentistry Today and Dental Products


Teeth Whitening by WhiteScience has set the industry standard for premium cosmetic teeth whitening world wide. Not just a commodity, WhiteScience is award-winning innovation and technology, and available to you in Boulder at Veranda Sun. 


Want to know more about our Teeth Whitening Prices at Veranda Sun?

We have Family and Group Discounts, special rates for weddings, great ideas to help your sales staff have a friendlier, more professional, whiter smile. Contact us, we can even bring the equipment to your home or office. With each treatment taking only 15-30 minutes, large groups are not a problem. Learn more about Teeth Whitening and other Veranda Sun Specials Specials and read our recent Blog on how to have a Great Smile!