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Most tanning solutions last for around 7-10 days based on their formulation. The color fades as your skin starts to shed dead skin cells and regenerate naturally. There are ways to extend a tan with a few precautions before and after the session. Whether you want to get an airbrush tan or want to try out sunbeds, the tanning tips mentioned below can help. 

Benefits of Exfoliation 

Indoor tanningAll skincare experts recommend skin exfoliation before tanning. There are several reasons why it helps extend a tan, and here’s a look at some of those tanning tips:

  • Removes Dead Skin – Your body will naturally shed dead skin cells after a regeneration cycle, but exfoliation can help speed up the process and ensure you have a smooth surface.
  • Speeds Up Regeneration – Exfoliation speeds up the regeneration process significantly, increasing blood flow to the skin and helping it heal faster. New skin takes well to tanning, so it is a good idea to maintain a regular exfoliation routine before a tanning session.
  • Better Permeation – Freshly regenerated skin is more supple and hydrated. It absorbs skincare solutions or tanning lotions better. The pores are open, and cells are in their prime, which ensures better permeation. 

As you can see, exfoliation has several benefits and can help your tan last longer. Make sure you use a gentle, natural, and organic solution to exfoliate. Harsh and coarse agents can cause microtears, scratches, or bruising. A tanning solution won’t sit comfortably on injured skin. 

Benefits of Hydrating Skin 

Exfoliation and cleansing can strip your skin of its natural moisture. It will feel dry, stretched, and stiff, especially if you use a harsh scrub regularly. Experts recommend using moisturizers like body lotions regularly to keep your skin supple. Here are some tanning tips for a few days before a session:

  • Drink water regularly to avoid dehydration and dryness. Experts recommend eight glasses of water every day.
  • Use a fresh, rich, and unscented moisturizer every day. Make sure it is loaded with vitamins C and E for the best results.
  • Avoid applying moisturizer immediately before a tanning appointment. The lotion will form a barrier over your skin and won’t let spray tan penetrate it. Attend your appointment with freshly washed, clean skin. 

If you want to know more tanning tips, contact us at Veranda Sun and speak with our technicians. We’ll provide a better insight into the process and tell you how to get long-lasting results.